Getting Started

To start adding sleep entries download the iOS app from the app store here. The app supports iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices.

sleep tracker ios

Setting Up The Mobile App

Once downloaded login with your CT sleep tracker account. For your sleep entries to contain motion and heart rate data you must wear your Apple Watch to bed and allow the mobile app access to HealthKit and motion data. To do so go to settings in the mobile app by tapping on the bottom tabbar then check the check your permissions by tapping the request and check buttons:

You can also optionally set a normal bed and wake up time to more accurately predict sleep cycles. After you’re done tap “Save Settings” to save your changes. That’s it for setup! now to start adding your entries

Adding Sleep Entries

In the morning or whenever you’ve woken up from a sleep cycle greater than 2 hours open the mobile app on your iOS device and it will prompt you if you wish to add the detected sleep cycle. If the app does not recognize the sleep cycle automatically you can add the sleep entry manually by tapping the plus icon on the top right.

Remember to wear your Apple Watch while sleeping to capture heart rate and motion data. If you do not wear your Apple Watch during sleep the sleep cycle cannot be detected automatically and the motion and heart rate graphs will be empty. It is still good to log your sleep entries manually even if you don’t wear your watch to capture your sleep amount even if you will not see heart rate and motion data.

Viewing Your Entries

You can choose to view your sleep log on the mobile app of on the web by logging into you CT Sleep Tracker account on the browser by visiting our login page or on the mobile app.

Building a Dream Diary

To get sleep data in your AIDiary entries start by creating a AIDiary account. Once you’ve created your AIDiary account login to your CT Sleep tracker account and go to the link AIDiary page. In the link diary page login to your AIDiary account to link your sleep log to your diary and vice-versa. After you see the success message view click or tap on your sleep entries to view your diary content, sentiment and weather for that day. Now you can see sleep motion, heart rate, sentiment, weather, and diary entry all in one single page! If you did not write a diary entry on the sleep log day that you’re viewing then no data is displayed.